Welcome to Just Living Like This After Lyme. I am a recovering Lyme warrior and have two children that are also recovering from Lyme as well. We have fought the good fight and continue work hard to keep the Lyme at bay and restore our bodies after the disaster effects of chronic Lyme.JaniceFairbairn3quarterscolor2016jpg

Just Living Like This is a place to come for all those who are just “trying to live” despite their circumstances of chronic illness. Whether you are in Lyme or post Lyme, you are trying to find your footing and gain back your ability to enjoy and live life. Its worth fighting for and you need some encouragement along the way, that is what I am passionate about.

As we were climbing out of our Lyme pit, I realized that God was compelling me to share our journey and give others who suffer a MEASURE OF HOPE. Hope is halfway to survival in this Lyme fight and I want to share hope and hopeful stories with as many people as I can to help Lyme get stomped.

 Available now on Amazon 2018

Cover Only aiA compilation of 15 Lyme contributors sharing their messages of HOPE through their battles with Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. A total of 30 uplifting devotionals that you can read time and again when you need encouragement. You are not alone and you can get through this. Hope is the answer.











Is the Panic Cloud preventing you from living your life?

Do you feel that if you have faith you shouldn’t feel scared or afraid?
Do you feel like if you have God in your life you should never panic?

Do you feel like your faith should keep you from having anxiety attacks in overwhelming situations?

I used to think that I was failing somehow in my faith or that it wasn’t strong enough because I felt panic within life’s circumstances that were beyond my control. I felt as if I could not breathe at times and that I was destined to live miserable and afraid in a giant Panic Cloud. Sometimes the weight of our trials are a Panic Cloud that envelop and follow you around choking your faith and ability to live. You don’t have to feel that way anymore.

There is HOPE.


UmbrellaGirlCover2My God, My Lyme is the story of encouragement that details the spiritual and emotional battle to heal and climb out of the Lyme pit. As a special bonus, I have combined this book with 2 others – Surviving Lyme that details our family’s physical journey.  Including the top survival techniques. Using natural biological methods as a framework, these helpful tips have become part of our family’s healing and proactive stance against the Lyme monster. And Support in Lyme for Families and Advocates – A guide containing what you need to know to survive a loved one’s trial with LYME. How to be a parent of a Lymie, how to be married to a Lymie, or how to be a friend and advocate to one. I cover all the bases on how to live through this with someone fighting to heal and live. Available on Amazon now.