Hope Matters

You may be in a dark dismal place right now and cannot fathom HOPE. If you are in that place, then I’m speaking to you. You may be too exhausted to think about HOPE – then I’m talking to you too. Or what if you are in that place that says hope is dead and silent – please listen then.

Hope Matters.

Its that simple. I wouldn’t have survived without hope. Not just hope for healing. Hope for life. Hope for eternal life.

Late one night in the wee small hours of the scary part of the night when my heart would pound and stop and feel a hot crushing pain in my chest- after many months of feeling near death – I relented in my spirit.

I had been fighting against dying and to hang on, for the right to raise my kids. I wanted to get through this. But in that moment, I finally wondered if I had the right to life anymore. Maybe I should instead concede to death so the pain would end. Maybe I had been praying for the wrong thing. Maybe I should pray for death to come so I could be in the arms of Jesus instead of healed on earth.

Is this too much raw truth for you, or have you all had the same moment?

It was in that moment that I felt such a strong “spoken” word from God deep inside my gut. He said “No, you will not die from this.”

Why did that one statement shift my hope? Maybe it was because instead of fighting against death or the fear of death or the fear of losing to this disease, I knew I was going to live. I was fighting FOR life. God didn’t promise me however, quick healing. It was a year before I drove again. It was months before I felt I was getting stronger. It was not an immediate release of pain or any of my symptoms, but HOPE came in big time.

Hope Matters.

It makes a difference. It is my mantra. It is what I share with each individual I meet from this amazing chronic illness Lyme family. HOPE changes directions, it allows for possibilities, it takes away the enemy’s claim over you.

I have had the awesome privilege to meet and hear stories of hope from the darkest of places. Why? Because HOPE thrives in darkness. Like the little wildflowers that can grow on the tundra or on the desert floor. HOPE can grow in the valley. HOPE can spread like dandelions and overtake a disease.

I spent time gathering stories of HOPE from others. Don’t just take it from me – take it from all these other amazing people who found HOPE in their storm. HOPE in their despair. HOPE in their darkness.

HOPE Matters.


Blessings and healing,

Janice Fairbairn (The Lyme Evangelist)

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