New Discoveries for the LYME PTSD

Delight_Pro_webI see a constant chatter within our Lyme family about DNRS or EMDR or 30 day Brain Detox used as tools to try and retrain the brain out of chronic status.

The Brain Detox worked great for me. I also tried Brainwave for myself to see if it would take me even farther, but didn’t really notice any difference. I also have two kids in my household that I know could benefit from something like this, but didn’t think DNRS would work for their age. We tried EMDR but it was a a stretch since they couldn’t actually quantify and remember some of this trauma. Also, it was cost prohibitive to continue indefinitely.

I know some of you are the same way. Tried this and tried that with little or only some benefit. Not everything works for everybody, but I wanted to share with you a few other options in case you are still searching.

Our local naturopath recommended Nina Jonio out of Portland OR with Neuro Solutions.

I don’t think I can do it justice, but she has ways of helping to reprogram without any technology whatsoever. Doing it God’s own natural way is simply a perfect application for kids. We have seen great success with this. The work and effort are not for the faint of heart, but is anything on this LYME road easy? Nope. Sweat equity people.

She travels all over the country to different docs, so you can maybe catch her local somewhere or she Skype appts from Portland.

Then she was the one who recommended we try the Delight Pro from Mind Alive.

It can help with sleep tremendously. It can help with Lyme rages. It can help ADHD. Think of it like placing the calm affects of classical music  into your brain instead of heavy metal noise. It is non evasive, using sound and light. Sarge is fantastic at Active Healing where I got mine.

Audio-Visual Entrainment

The great thing about this little machine is that it is portable, affordable and can be used by all four members of our family.To me it is one of the best investments we have made right along side our Biomat. Long term health benefits and wide ranges of applications.

I’ll blog more stories about using both these techniques as we see more benefits and shifts happening.

Blessings and healing

Janice Fairbairn (The Lyme Evangelist)

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