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By Myself 1With an introduction by Dr. David Jernigan, My God, My LYME is a book of encouragement for the journey through Lyme.  It’s an amazing and real life success story. It’s my story as a mom from the brink of death to healing and restoration for myself and my children from LYME. I wanted to give people the resources and HOPE they need for healing and how to live until they get there. I also wrote two companion books for family members or spouses needing to understand this disease and what to do to help their ailing loved one. The second is Surviving Lyme that lists the top things we incorporated into our household to combat this illness. If you buy the Bonus Bundle version of My God, My Lyme, the other books come with it.

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Ebooks available for purchase now on Amazon or Softcovers now available on Amazon.

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Newly released December 2014 ebook “Don’t Eat the Cardboard” is a collection of gluten free recipes that work great for kids.


Also, please explore Amy Scher’s new book filled with encouraging stories for chronic illness. I was blessed to be a part of this adventure with her by having my story be one she chose for the book.

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