Don’t Eat the Cardboard – cookbook


Don’t Eat the Cardboard

is a personal collection and creation of recipes that we have eaten pre and post LYME that are gluten free and my family loves.

It is so hard to get well and get healthy at the same time.

I know going gluten free or dairy free just makes some of your head’s spin. We’ve been gluten free, soy free and dairy free for almost 10 years now. These are adapted recipes and found recipes and combined recipes I’ve collected over the years to make our family happy and well fed. You don’t have to do the research, you don’t have to look for 5 years for a bread recipe that works or a pizza crust recipe your kids will eat – they are all in this collection. I am not a gormet cook, I’m just a mom who wanted to find recipes that worked without too much effort and that my family would enjoy. Your future in gluten free does not have to be bleak – you don’t have to eat food that tastes like cardboard the rest of your life!!

For a sneak peak of recipes, go to the recipe page and download a few!

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