This FAQ is not meant to diagnose or lead you or mislead you in your process of healing. These opinions expressed here are simply opinions and a journal of experiences that we alone had. Using these methods will not guarantee success or healing. Do your own research and visit a qualified Lyme Doctor for proper treatment and diagnosis.

1. Did you use antibiotics as part of your treatment of Lyme?

Initially, yes I did 3 weeks of doxy and it nearly killed me. It began a giant herx that my body could not process or handle. I landed in the ER twice and was down under 85 lbs. So I stopped them completely and looked for another way to fight Lyme.

2. Do you believe in the use of antibiotics as a viable treatment of Lyme?

It seems to work for some people, but I do think they have trouble crossing the blood/brain barrier and that the spirochetes can just go into stealth mode so regressions are more common. Also, the side affects from long term abx are too much risk for me and I don’t recommend at all for kids. I beleive the safest way to get rid of Lyme is to strengthen your body to do it on its own.

3. What was your main treatment protocol in fighting Lyme?

I ended up at Hansa Center for Optimum Health for my treatment of Lyme. The doctors listened well and found exactly what my physical needs were and have a great track record against Lyme without the use of abx at all. It is also a safer protocol for kids, so we were sold and have all had tremendous success.

4. What did you use to fight Lyme for your entire family?

We have followed the Hansa protocol almost entirely. They do detox, organ support, homeopathics, herbals, essential oils, supplements and other various therapies. We already were gluten free, dairy free, soy free and eating all organic in our home. We found mold in our home and remediated it, then moved. We work on strengthening the immune system and staying away from chemicals and keeping our body’s detoxed.

5. What were the first steps you took in healing your household?

We had been gluten free, dairy free and soy free before we knew exactly what was causing the problems. The diet plus removing dyes and preservatives (Feingold diet) and eating all organic helped us alot. We also do many detox baths with Epsom Salt and Peroxide. We did blood tests and urine tests for organ and methylation support and food allergies. We wanted to give the gut a break and allow it time to heal.

6. How did you find the mold exposure in your house?

On a fluke, actually. We visited family out of town and my daughter had a terrible behavior and asthma explosion so we left early. On the way home, she cleared up. So, I started thinking about what normally sets off her asthma and mold is a biggie. That household had terrible mold infestation, but it made me curious about any lurking mold at our house, so I called a certified mold inspector. He found mold under the floor in our laundry room, inside a wall from a window and growing on the insulation inside the AC coil. We had never had a water leak or any intrusion, but I suspected ever since we moved there that we all got worse. Trust your gut.

7. How did you treat the mold exposure in your house and your bodies?

We called professionals to remediate the mold in the house and then cleaned out the AC vents, removed carpet and cleaned everything else. For our bodies, we went to Hansa after the exposure when we went out of town already, so we were being treated for mold through their protocol. Now at our new house, I used Thieves in a diffuser periodically or Purification and run a dehumidifier in the basement with a Mercola air purifier.

8. Do you believe in “killing the bugs”?

No. I don’t believe you can kill the bugs until you fix what is broken in your body. If the detox pathways are not clear and ready to get out the junk, then killing the bugs will only further degrade your systems and overload the body. When the body is strong and able to detox, it will go after the bugs on its own. Our immune system is complex and sophisticated and able to handle more than we give it credit for.

9. What are your favorite detox regiments?

We love the Amythest Biomat, it is the best money we have spent and all of us use it all the time. We also are still big fans of detox baths. We use 2-4 cups Epsom Salt with 2-4 cups Hydrogen Peroxide together and soak for 20 min. We use only 1-1 1/2 cups each for the kids.

10. What are your go to therapies?

I still thoroughly enjoy a massage and lymph treatment. Our family has also had great success with the Life Vessel systems. They are scattered across the country and do deep detox and relaxation to help the body heal.

11. What are your favorite products?

We love the Amythest Biomat, it is the best money we have spent and all of us use it all the time. I also can’t live without my Young Living Essential Oils, my Jernigan Neutraceutical products and my various homeopathic remedys for emotions (Bach Flower).

12. What supplements can’t you live without?

I still have quite a bit of swelling in the brain from CCSVI, so I still take Neuroflam. I keep multiple forms of Magnesium close by for a myriad of symptoms that can pop up with one of us. We use Fish oil, fish oil, fish oil with a topping of probiotics daily. My son is on methylation support supplements for help detoxing. I also travel with Vit C, digestive enzymes and DiaStop.

13. What doctor/s have you seen for Lyme?

We have seen 3 out of 4 of the doctors at Hansa Center for Optimum Health and not ventured outside of them for our Lyme. But I can attest to the fact that all 4 doctors are fabulous and do a great job against this monster.

14. How did you survive on the tough days and the tough years?

Without my faith in Jesus Christ, I don’t think I would still be here today. My heart, my emotions, my spiritual self felt oppressed and dead, just like my physical self. I did not have any light or life or sparkle left in me, but only the grace of God that he gave the HOPE to hold onto in the darkest days and keep fighting for my health and the life of my kids. I was overwhelmed and over my head, but God had surrounded me with a loving family and wonderful community of friends to hold our household up and keep it running. I had to let go of control. My days are numbered just like everyone’s and none of us know which day will be the last. But, each day still here is a gift to be used and not squandered.