Hansa Center for Optimum Health

Hansa Center for Optimum HealthThis is the place that saved our family. My life was virtually over at 85 lbs and unable to eat and my organs slowly shutting down. I had weeks if that, to live and God led us to this place. I live in Wichita, so imagine my shock to find out we housed one of the premier Lyme places in the country.

I had no idea it was here and am incredibly thankful for getting there and being a local, so I don’t have to fly on an airplane anytime I need a checkup.

They treat without antibiotics and using the body’s natural healing mechanisms to heal itself. Don’t take my word for it or my kids, just listen to the doctor’s themselves talk about what they do there.

Also, check out their YouTube Channel, there are dozens of lectures each of the doctors have given and continue to give each month on their philosophies for health and healing.