Jernigan Nutraceuticals

I love these remedies. They were a great BIG part of my healing at Hansa. I keep them stocked at my house and use them frequently still. Especially the Virogen, NeuroAntitox, Microbogen, and Allermac. I have been on many of these remedies in the beginning to support my body’s ability to rid the bugs and heal the organs.

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“To truly HEAL and restore your body’s inborn self-healing capabilities to the point that you don’t need outside assistance anymore, as opposed to limiting your healing with products that simply mask the symptoms and do for your body what your body should do for itself, trapping you into perpetual dependency. 

Our remedies are frequency-matched using this same quantum physics concept to enable the body to heal itself. They are manufactured by Dr. Sara, not by machines. The primary plants of most formulas are mainly harvested by her or her family. 

For the last 17 years, we have made remedies that help the body overcome lyme disease, bacterial infection, viral infection, yeast-infections, allergies, neuro-toxins (toxins that affect the nervous system) and hundreds of other symptoms. Our remedies are complex, yet simple. They are powerful, yet still perform gently.”

I am an affiliate for Jernigan Nutraceuticals because I am hooked to how reliable, safe and effective these remedies are.


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