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Its always amazing to me as I re-read the story of Easter in the bible each year and something different jumps out at me based on my circumstances or life. Last week on Palm Sunday, the kids and I were reading in Matthew 21 about the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. […]

Mountain Move

baloons floating up
As we turn the corner of a new year, most of us can’t help but take stock and look backward and then forward. What gains were made this year and what losses. Its as if our brains do an automatic reshuffling of the memories over the last year and have […]

Hope and Longing

Eighty Five countries around the world – amazing. With today’s technology in the internet, social media and our smart phones, there are really no large distances between us. People from all walks of life can learn and advocate for themselves to achieve healing. After my valley of shadow of death, […]

Year End 2016

Hoping and praying for healing over you all and that this will give at least a few someones a small gift of a smile in this season of battling for your health.   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Blessings and Healing Janice Fairbairn- The Lyme […]

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Lyme Style

When a friend, who worked for the foreign services department of the State Department, was stationed in Costa Rica, my husband and I were able to visit her. A beautiful country where tourism thrives, we had my sister as private tour guides for the first few days. Then as she […]

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I was just listening to a random radio DJ the other morning speak about a talk he had recently with his son. He was telling his son that “fear is a choice, but danger is real.” Wow, that resonated all day long with me. Fear was a huge part of […]

Fear is a Choice

snoopy spending time
In the United States each year we spend approximately six months sitting at traffic lights eight months opening junk mail one year searching through desk clutter two years trying to call people who are not in three years in meetings five years waiting in lines In a single day, an […]

Spending Time