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When a friend, who worked for the foreign services department of the State Department, was stationed in Costa Rica, my husband and I were able to visit her. A beautiful country where tourism thrives, we had my sister as private tour guides for the first few days. Then as she […]

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I was just listening to a random radio DJ the other morning speak about a talk he had recently with his son. He was telling his son that “fear is a choice, but danger is real.” Wow, that resonated all day long with me. Fear was a huge part of […]

Fear is a Choice

snoopy spending time
In the United States each year we spend approximately six months sitting at traffic lights eight months opening junk mail one year searching through desk clutter two years trying to call people who are not in three years in meetings five years waiting in lines In a single day, an […]

Spending Time

Its everywhere I turn these days, more and more shocking and depressing statistics of high percentages of childhood cancer, childhood diabetes, autoimmune disorders, early onset Alzheimer’s, and cancer, cancer, cancer. Couple that with the fact that we all know someone fighting a mystery illness. We all know someone fighting cancer. […]

What I would do if diagnosed with a life threatening ...

 I’ll never get over this view being gone. It was the most serene part of my day when I commuted to work from NJ. On the beautiful picture perfect New England days, I took the ferry instead of the Path train. Crossing the Hudson from the Lakawanna port at Hoboken […]

What I Learned from 9/11