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Its everywhere I turn these days, more and more shocking and depressing statistics of high percentages of childhood cancer, childhood diabetes, autoimmune disorders, early onset Alzheimer’s, and cancer, cancer, cancer. Couple that with the fact that we all know someone fighting a mystery illness. We all know someone fighting cancer. […]

What I would do if diagnosed with a life threatening ...

 I’ll never get over this view being gone. It was the most serene part of my day when I commuted to work from NJ. On the beautiful picture perfect New England days, I took the ferry instead of the Path train. Crossing the Hudson from the Lakawanna port at Hoboken […]

What I Learned from 9/11

postpone death
Oh, you have thought it and quite possibly more than a dozen times. If you are suffering from any kind of chronic and debilitating disease, then you have thought “Am I Going to Die Today?” many times in the wee small hours of the morning. The terror for me wasn’t the […]

Am I Going to Die Today?

younger me 2up
Listening to this current song out on the radio right now “Dear Younger Me” by Mercy Me, has had me contemplative of late. What would I say to the younger version of myself? What would I say to the pre-Lyme version of myself? How would that translate to my kids? […]

Dear Younger Me……