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BiomatMiniThe BioMat Mini is the best money I EVER spent fighting chronic illness. It is more affordable than the full biomat and its perfect for our needs. In fact it is nearly a full size biomat for both my kids. We have used it repeatedly to keep our core body temperature up and to raise the body to a natural fever when fighting any pathogen. It is portable and can be taken on vacations, air travel, and to work…….(more info)

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Our newest in the lineup of supplement products. We love the quality of the products they produce and the integrity logo (1)of their pricing. We use the probiotic, Omega 3, and multivitamin. And we enjoy them immensely at wholesale pricing. Their products are not just for those seeking to lose weight. They are designed to actually balance your body. The Slim drink actually uses all all natural ingredients to balance your blood sugar levels during the day. The results are people breaking their soda and coffee habits for the first time in years. This is a great way to get healthy especially for those friends and family members who are reluctant to make big changes and jump into the deep end of the pool.

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logoFor our Whitewood House, I thoroughly researched the most economical but safest and toxic free mattress and was lucky to find this company. We didn’t want any coil mattresses, no toxicity or flame retardants on the mattress, and we wanted natural materials. After ordering the ULTIMATE DREAMS LATEX MATTRESS for all the beds at Whitewood House, we quickly decided to buy them for the kids at our house too.

If you use the code Fairbairn10 when ordering you will receive 10% off and a free pillow.

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I love these remedies. They were a great BIG part of my healing at Hansa. I keep them stocked at my house and use them frequently still. Especially the Virogen, NeuroAntitox, Microbogen, and Allermac. I have been on many of these remedies in the beginning to support my body’s ability to rid the bugs and heal the organs….(more info)



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Hansa Center for Optimum HealthThis is the place that saved our family. My life was virtually over at 85 lbs and unable to eat and my organs slowly shutting down. I had weeks if that, to live and God led us to this place. I live in Wichita, so imagine my shock to find out we housed one of the premier Lyme places in the country…..(more info)