What’s in My Cabinet

I get asked all the time about what I use on a daily basis for my family’s health and healing. So I ‘m going to share with you what’s in my cabinet.

1. Jernigan Neutraceuticals

I was of course introduced to these remedies while being treated at Hansa Center for Optimum Health. I keep about 5 of them on hand ALL THE TIME now. We use Allermac for seasonal allergies. It works great at reducing histamine levels and allergy symptoms. I carry one in my purse and have one at home. I use Neuro-Antitox for battling any die off or toxicity issue from travel or eating out, etc. It battles ammonia toxicity FANTASTIC, but also helps the body with die off from any pathogen we have encountered. I also used this after my hospital/surgery for the side affects of the anesthesia and pharmaceuticals. We also use Virogen for battling viruses of any type. It strengthens the immune systems against bacteria infections also. Yeast Ease is another one we use often for reactionary issues from Candida flare ups do to travel or “outside” food. Microbojen will take care of anything issue that Virogen won’t including mycoplasma outbreaks. Those are the 5 I keep on hand NO MATTER WHAT.

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2. Homeopathics

The go to homeopathic remedies I use are: Rescue Remedy (see Bach Flower), Mercury/Phosphorus for barometric pressure and geothermal disturbances, Growing Pain Remedy with Calc/Phos, Apis for bug bites, and Arnica for injuries and muscle soreness. These are must haves in my house and get used almost daily.

3. Essential Oils

I use Brain Power (YL) and Lemon daily for myself. The Lemon supports my liver and helps me wake up. The Brain Power does exactly what it says, it clears the fog and gets my pistons firing in sync. I use Transformation (YL) to protect one of kids from empathy and to help balance emotions. I use Hyssop for annointing and protecting my house, family and kids. We use Lavendar for allergies, Peppermint for headaches and nausea, PanAway for any kind of injury or pain, and Valor for alignment issues or spinal adjustment needs.

4. Products

I love my BioMat! I can’t say enough about it. It gets used daily by 2-4 members of our family. There has been no other investment we have gotten as much mileage out of as this baby. We bought the 3/4 for the lower price and it is portable and works great for kids and adults.

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