Young Living Essential Oils

body-unburdened-young-living-essential-oils-2We use Young Living oils daily in my house. I know there are many essential oil companies to choose from, but we trust the efficacy of this brand and the integrity of the company. Oh, and it is the brand my doctors trust and used on me during my recovery process from Lyme, so I that adds the street credibility I needed.

We bought the 9 bottle kit to begin with and have been adding many of the singles and blends to our collection.

My favorites:

Brain Power – for that very thing, brain power

Cedarwood – more brain power and clarity of thought

Citrus Fresh and Lemon – for waking up in the morning and an alert mind

Thieves – for fighting all fungal, viral or bacterial infections

Transformation – for behavior in my kids

Release – for stress, anxiety, emotional buildup

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